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A Love Stronger Than Gravity

Once upon a time, in a busy city, there was a young man named Tom who was deeply in love with a girl named Lisa. Tom, shy and awkward, struggled to express his feelings, so he sought advice from his wise, elderly neighbor, Mr. Jenkins.

Mr. Jenkins, known for his successful marriage of 50 years, told Tom, "The secret to winning a heart is through poetry. Write her a poem that'll make her heart flutter."

Taking this advice to heart, Tom spent days crafting the perfect poem, pouring his soul into every line. The day he decided to confess his love, he spotted Lisa in the park. With a shaking hand and a racing heart, he approached her, poem in hand.

As Tom began to read, Lisa's eyes widened with surprise and delight. But just as he reached the climax of the poem, a gust of wind swept away the paper from his hands, carrying it high into the sky.

Panicked, Tom watched as the poem flew away, his heart sinking. Seeing his distress, Lisa said with a smile, "Don't worry, I got the message loud and clear. Your love for me is so strong, not even gravity can keep it down."

And with that, they both laughed, and Tom realized that sometimes, actions (or in his case, accidental aerodynamics) speak louder than words.


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